Our Founders

Satish Modi

Satish Modi is a first-generation entrepreneur and the founder of Modisons Ventures. With a strong sense of leadership and social responsibility, he contributes his construction skills and a wealth of experience that results in the flawless construction quality that we provide. His innovative efforts in designing modern amenities continue to enhance the standard of living for the patrons of Modisons.
With his excellent vision, he has upscaled his real estate business to various platforms. He is the driving force behind the Strategy, Finance, and Legal department of Modisons Ventures.

Kunal Modi is a Business Management Graduate from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. Kunal brings the essential element of world perspective in developing strategies for the company. His energy, drive, and passion for touching  new levels of brilliance are helping the company flourish in many ways!

His acute understanding of economics and changing market demand helps the company to deliver superior quality products. He aims to bring fresh ideas and actions that are always underlined with a contemporary approach. His exceptional knowledge of civil engineering and business has led to the development of diverse business ventures. He has successfully introduced Modisons Constructions to the Bangalore real estate market.

The diversification of The Modisons Ventures into a digital tech startup and grooming business results from his brilliant business skills! He looks after the business development, marketing, and operations.

Kunal Modi

Modisons Ventures was started in 1985 by veteran entrepreneur Satish Modi. After expanding in the real estate market across Mumbai and Bangalore, the company forayed into other industry spaces like finance and technology startups.

Our Brands