Who we are ?

What started as a real estate development in Mumbai in 1970 expanded into the full-fledged construction business. Modisons Construction believes in providing luxurious and quality construction to their consumers in Mumbai and Bangalore.

When we take up a project, our motive is to provide excellent service, and hence our development process involves several intense planning and developing stages. We are a dynamic organisation where we strive hard to cater to the evolving customer preferences by improving our product as per our client needs

With the world moving towards digitalization day by day, we are also making our business digital. Apart from the construction business, from time to time, we invest in new exciting business opportunities. Our latest venture is a digital business marketplace.

Founding Team

Satish Modi

Kunal Modi

Our Businesses

Building you; your future.

One-stop marketplace for all kinds of business services.

Recharge, relax and refresh at our grooming place.