Modisons Construction's years of Experience; Expertise and Excellence within the Industry; has granted them the opportune to be known as a leading trustworthy and high end service oriented firm; with the newest generation now on board; the future holds a tremendous amount of scope in expansion for the company.

A larger; stronger workforce; the top skilled management manpower; a refocused vision and a harder driven force to achieve the unimaginable.

Kunal Modi; who is constantly driven by new challenges; is looking at ways in which to choose the best; amongst the numerous opportunities they are daily presented with. His aim is to specialize in and expand the much-needed area of redevelopment.

Currently having an impressive portfolio of building brand new residential estates; the company has major plans to extend their services; adding 'redevelopment' to their list of expertise. Redevelopments are for those who wish to add new dimensions to their property giving it the new day contemporary look. It's also for those looking to possibly create larger living or saleable space.

The company; constantly striving for more; is also in talks with land owners Pan India; who are anxious to cash in and develop commercial properties. Kunal is determined to bring out the best of his companies potential by diversifying into different segments of the market according to the current requirements.

For further information on the future plans of the company; please contact our head office.